Sunday, October 26, 2014

Time to go ...

It's time to go ... and I didn't sleep much last night ...

coincidence .. connection .. or what ? ... Strange feeling ..

Late afternoon yesterday, I leave the hotel to take a picture of the Chateau Marmont with a sunset and to buy tortillas for Paul ...
And I took this picture ....

I continue to walk and when I arrive at the Pink Taco, I check Instagram and discovered a picture Bill just posted 2 minutes earlier ..
Then I look at the Pink Taco restaurant, smiling, with the certainty that he was there ..I don't know to explain why .. I didn't know at that time that Pink Taco served frozen strawberry Margarita in fresh pineapple ..
Strange feeling ... so close to him  ... and what can I do ? How far can I go ? I don't know ..
And if Paul was not with me here .. 
another time .. sure
Bill's picture
Bye bye LA ... Not ready to go .. Not ready to leave the city of the Angel ...
See you soon LA ... For sure ..

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