Thursday, October 23, 2014

Greystone Mansion & Park - Griffith Park - Echo Park ...

Greystone Mansion & Park .. Very nice place .. I did not visit last year because there was shooting a movie.

Griffith Park
Museum with a great exhibition about Route 66 ..

Echo Park

And Sunset on Sunset Boulevard from my Hotel room ..
Tomorrow at the end of the morning , Running at Pacific Park .... afternoon at M Cohen design (Thanks to Bill again I discovered this designer of jewerly )
and tomorrow night at Staples Center to see Basket Ball game (LA Clippers - Portland) ..

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  1. hello sister and fillo!!
    on remarque bien votre voiture sur la ne vois vraiment pas pourquoi?? bon allez elle est sympa ! je repars à ma cuisine, je suis en train de cuire une bonne choucroute pour demain (repas with friends) ; je suis sure que tu ne peux pas en trouver là bas!! Enormes bisous à tous les 2