Sunday, October 12, 2014

I love this video ... Twins instant .. ♥

I love their complicity to the extreme ... They are the same person .. 

I love Bill. But I'm sure I'd love a lot less Bill if he did'nt have his twin brother Tom . Finally I love Tom ..  Tom Kaulitz is for me the most mysterious boy I know .. But I'm sure Tom is an exceptional boy .. I know that for a long time .. 

Tom isn't nostalgic about Germany .. Obviously, he suffered so much in Germany in 2009 .. And Bill too ..

I remember at that time I was fighting on social networks so that fans stop going to the home of twins, stop following them by car, respect their private lives .. It was out of control .. 

The Tokio Hotel twins had become objects that everyone could visit .. The situation had become unbearable ..
 When the twins announced their move to Los Angeles, I said OMG Thank You .. even though I was sad to see them leave Europe .. 
It's so sad that Tom isn't nostalgic about Germany .. Some fans destroyed a part of them.... 

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