Saturday, October 25, 2014

Last night in LA ...

I posted my postcards ... And go to MCohen shop ... But when M Cohen opens at 11 am, what time it is opened? Not open at 11.30 am ... Finally, I will order online.

And then Venice Beach ..  in the afternoon ..

Here the park in front of my hotel room ... Saturday night on Sunset Boulevard ..
I would have really like eating at Pink Taco tonight, 150 meters from my hotel ....
Without booking, without invitation .. it's difficult for a saturday night ..
It's also difficult to know people we love so close without seeing them.
I would have had to go anyway..
Tomorrow, flight at 4,45pm to Paris ....
I know when the plane will take off, my heart is going to explode and my tears will flow .... leaving the city of my angel ..
I'm not ready to go ...

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