Saturday, October 4, 2014

finally I have it ...

Finally ... Kings of Suburbia .. New album of Tokio Hotel .. in my hands .. Happy 👽 .. So beautiful album
.. This album is beautiful .. It is sincere... The sound of Tokio Hotel has changed, but not really the lyrics.
We find the same theme .. Love and pain ... the lyrics are often sad .... This is what I love .. and the music is really great .. The guys of Tokio Hotel made a great job ...
 I listened to it only once .. I already knew the songs Run, run, run, Girl got a gun and Love who loves you back ...
 The songs which moved me at this first listening, are in order , Masquerade, Kings of Suburbia and Invaded . Run, run , run moved me a lot too. 
 But I like all the songs, without exception. All the songs are good . Great job .. Congratulations Tokio Hotel ..
I think many people will like this album, if people have the intelligence to take a step to listen it .. 

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