Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Running , Hollywood .. Beverly .. LA Sunset

I ran this morning in West Hollywood .. I ran on Santa Monica boulevard to Beverly Hills ... But I would like to run in a park ..  Tomorrow morning I'll try to run to Pacific Park ..  I hope it's not too far from my hotel ..  I run between 10 and 11 am .. It's already too hot. ..

I went to Hollywood to shop at Victoria's Secret. ... And to eat a great veggie burger ...
And go to Beverly again .. because Paul likes Beverly or Santa Monica for shopping ..
I prefer downtown and Venice beach ... Paul likes downtown to go to the staples center ..

And a great Sunset from Griffith Obsevatory ... Great view ..


my thoughts ..
" ....
Oooh, you're beautiful
Don't you go
I need you so

  But I'll always be
Invaded by you
Invaded by you

 Lost in the future we had ... "
I miss you ... 

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