Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Guest yesterday for a new TV program for TF1

With an invitation, I attended yesterday evening the Arthur's new broadcast on TF1 french channel, which will be broadcasted in February, 2011. The broadcast is called "Les incollables" ( The unbeatable ).
This broadcast is really very funny. The principle is to find the origin of the French expressions. 8 famous guests form 2 teams. The public is divided into 2 and support one of the 2 teams. It is really very funny.
I support yesterday the team of Laurent Ruquier, with Anthony Kavanagh, Jérome Commandeur and Claudia.
The recording was really nice and funny, but long. At the end of recording, I took out my tickets of tombola and cloakroom. The tombola (to gain an Ipad), I lost. And my ticket of cloakroom made me smile and brought me a big comfort.

I kept the ticket! Obviously. It is a sign, I think. I leave to Tokyo in 5 days. I have no card for the showcase, I don't know the address of the showcase. I have no Meet and Greet. I have never won Meet and Greet. But everything is good, I leave to Tokyo! In the worst, I 'll visit Tokyo!
And I think that I am going to get drunk with the Sake!
If I see the boys, I drink because I am satisfied! If I don't see the boys, I drink because I'll depress. I think that my journey is going to be entitled " Search Tokio Hotel in Tokyo! " But I am not sure to see them in Tokyo!!! Nur traurig!

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  1. Looking forward to watching that broadcast!
    Laurent Ruquier's "On n'est pas couché" broadcast is great too!