Monday, December 27, 2010

27th December - Come back at home

I drived a big part of the day. Roads from the east of France are really difficult with this snow. I arrived at home with no problem.

Christmas in family. My brother was not able to come to join us because of the snow. We spent a good Christmas. My parents were really satisfied. My mom has an Alzheimer's disease which progresses slowly. What a shit! But when she sees me arriving, she always says the same sentence: " here is a sunbeam in the house! "
I know that a day, she will not say any more it. I take advantage of all the moments with her. Even if she changed a lot, she re-knows us all. It is the main part.

With my sister

With my father (with the funny face of my father! )

And with my son, Paul!

Bill with snow! It likes snow!

Tomorrow I work! Don't want!

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