Sunday, December 19, 2010

19th december - last day in Tokyo, Visit

We waked up early this morning, Julie and I, to take advantage of Tokyo this last day. To begin, we took photos in the atmosphere of our Japanese inn. This inn of the South of Tokyo is really typical. We sleep on futons. I like that! But I miss my little Bill! (I miss the big Bill Too! Of course)

Then we visit Kaminarimon (the door), Nakamise-dori (I bought things which are of no use. Lol) and the great Senso-ji temple.

We visited the other temples. And we took a lot the subway. I like the subway of Tokyo. It is OK all the time. It is very clean all the time.

Then Tokyo tower ...Like Paris !! No

Then, we visit Roppongi Hills, where we can have a Tokyo City View on the 52th stage of a tower. It was really great!

Another temple ....

I bought a kimono for Bill, size 2S. I like.

I think that it won't like that. Another thing which is of no use! It is just funny!

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