Friday, December 17, 2010

17th december - Visit Tokyo and shopping

Tokyo is really a great city. I 'll never have time to see everything. I have my flight on Monday, December 20th.
This morning I visited the district of Ueno, with the national museum of Tokyo. Great! If there is a museum to be seen in Tokyo it is this one. (History of Japan, customs ... ) I like!

Then, I visited Gojo-Tenjinsa in the park of Taito-Ku. A reconstruction of a small Japanese typical village. Very nice!

Then I go to the elecronic tower at Akibahara (Laox), the temple of the electronics in Tokyo, compatible with our European standards. (It's better). I bought a reader mp3 Sony for my son Paul. Cheaper than in Paris.
And shopping at Shibuya! YES The inevitable "TOUR 109" (the place of the fashion in Tokyo). I bought a trench GILFY. Then UNIQLO obviously. The UNIQLO store of Paris, which has just opened is inaccessible. Too many people. We visited the other shops at Shibuya. I like Shibuya.

We bought kimonos. Tomorrow photos with kimonos. I like Japan. The subway is really brilliant. Toilet in Japan, exceptional! I take photos of toilet, with small music to hide the noise.... Lol. A small jet for intimate wash! ...still LOL! Everything is electronic. And everything is clean everywhere. I found that Germany was very clean before to know Japan. Even the ground of the subway is very clean. I have the feeling to have the clean hands all the time. In Paris when I arrive at the office at 9 am, I begin by washing myself hands.
Tomorrow, we spend the afternoon at Shibuya with fans Japanese (of Tokio Hotel of course) whom we met the day of the showcase. We want to see each other before leaving Tokyo.


  1. hello!
    Photos magnifiques ....Ce que j'aimerais pouvoir découvrir de tels pays!
    Ici, on croule sous la neige, une vrai folie..!!!
    Profitez bien de vos derniers jours in Tokyo!
    Plein de gros bisous!
    The little sister, Lolotte

  2. super ce voyage à Tokyio ;merçi de le partager en images avec nous