Saturday, December 18, 2010

18th December - Tokyo, shopping at Omote-Sando and Meet with japanese fans

Today, I woke up late in the morning. To begin, shopping to Omote-Sande. I bought full of things which are of no use.

Then shopping to Kiddy Land. I still bought things which are absolutely of no use. But you find that only in Japan. It's so amazing!
Then, we spent in the afternoon with fans Japanese of Tokio Hotel which we met the day of the showcase. The girls made for us visited Shibuya by showing us all which was interesting to see. It is better to visit Tokyo with Japanese.
Thank you the Japanese girls for your welcome! Japanese always want to do a service to you so that you felt good. The fans of Tokio Hotel too! Thank you girls!
We spent a great afternoon! And thank you Tokio Hotel! We meet thanks to you fans all over the world. The same passion unites us! YOU!

I bought the album Schrei which released in Japan in 2005. I am satisfied.

The Japanese girls try to learn French. I like.

Japanese protest at Shibuya. It is funny! They disturb nobody and apologize in more for the disturbance! In Paris, the demonstrators block the streets, break the shop windows of stores and burn cars.

There is really a lot of people to Shibuya. It is impressive! In Paris, there is nobody!

Tomorrow, I visit another district of Tokyo, for the last day. I 'll come back to Tokyo one day. I like and I did not see everything.

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