Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stop the abandonments of animals the summer!

Every year 60000 pets are abandoned in France the summer. It is unacceptable! The Brigitte Bardot foundation launched a new campaign shock to denounce the abandonment of animals during summer.

For it, the love! For me the death! The abandonmen kills 100 000 animals a year!

Léa and Benji don't still know that!
In the next stop, one of them will be left by the roadside!

Don't abandon it, it would never abandon you !

Tom was lucky! I would have been able to cross the wood without seeing it! Where would be it today ?
It was very hungry. It was full of fleas, full of worms and it had the tail broken. I don't still manage to understand how somebody was able to abandon it!

1 comment:

  1. T'as raison Marie de le rappeler.
    les hommes sont d'une cruauté à faire peur...
    c'est la pleine saison en ce moment, même si les médias n'en parlent pas, tous les jours, des animaux sont abandonnés par leur maître irresponsable et sans cervelle..
    un animal n'est pas un jouet, c'est un être vivant !!!!!