Sunday, July 11, 2010

My new cat : Tom

Tom : "I am a kitten and I am 6 weeks. I am young, but my life is already full. I was separated from my mom and I found myself alone in a wood, where I had to ask to the walkers to give me something to eat. The children liked playing with me, but in the evening, I found myself alone in this quite black wood.
One day, a family came to picnic in the wood with friends. In the evening, Marie, Julie and Paul said together: " we can’t leave it alone here! "
There you go ! How this day, Sunday, July 03rd, I was finally able to sleep under a roof. I felt so good. I was very fast accepted by Bill, the dog, very nice. Lova the cat was more suspicious, but now it likes me, even if it takes the role of my mom.
I had a visit at the veterinarian in the week. This big sir with a white coat said to me at once: " well! You know that you fell in a good house you! "
Then he said that I was a male, with fleas, with worms, and with a mange on 2 ears. He said the Total. And then Marie said: " It’s no important! We are going to look after it! " Today, I don’t have fleas anymore, worms anymore and my ears are better.
We called me Fripouille (rascal) as official name (beginning with F) and Tom as usual name. Marie said: " Fripouille (rascal) and Tom are 2 names which are together well and Tom it is a name of cat "
I am so happy in my house with my family and my friends. I hope that all the abandoned animals will have all so much luck as me. "


  1. Il est trop mignon ce p'tit chat,adorable,trop mimi,j'adore les chats,trop chou! Et t'inquiéte p'tit nounou tu es bien tombé chez Marie!Bisous à vous tous....Sylvie du Forum.

  2. Tout à fait d'accord avec toi Sylvie.
    il pouvait pas trouver mieux comme maison :-)

  3. Vous êtes gentilles les filles! En tous cas, le ptit Tom a trouvé ses marques à la maison! LOva joue un rôle de mère. C'est drôle! Elle joue avec, mais au bout d'un moment un petit coup de patte sur la tête (pas méchant) pour dire stop là! Il semblerait que les mères font ça! Ce petit Tom a pris son quartier sur mon lit! Mon destin les filles, je dors maintenant entre Bill et Tom! Lol

  4. Génial ta petite famille LOVA, BILL et le petit TOM joyeuse équipe que du bonheur !!!!!!Bravo Marie

  5. Il est trop mignon et il a un petit air malicieux comme le vrai Tom. Lol

    En plus il vient mettre ses petites pattes sur la caméra c'est trop chou !!!