Monday, July 19, 2010

DVD Humanoid City Live - Tonight

This evening, I don’t go to the sporting room. I watch the Live DVD HUMANOID, with the presence of Bill and Tom! And yes! But I’m not sure that these 2 Bill and Tom sign me the DVD! LOL
I am again going to cry when the ball Humanoid is going to close this time. Ah ! ! this ball which closes and which takes my 4 rockers of love, and with my favorite song of the album Humanoid (Für immer jetzt, Forever now)!
This show is the best musical show which I was able to see!
Then, those who don’t have to attend the show as me (15 dates only), buy this DVD, you ‘ll really spend a good moment!
This show is exceptional! And Bill … WAHOU! Bill.! Bill is sublime!

PS: yes I prepare my suitcases, to leave on July 30th for 10 days very far from Paris.!


  1. je viens de regarder le dvd, pffffffffff trop court aussi :-(
    et en anglais dur dur :-(
    mais quel show !!!!!!!

  2. enfin j ai le dvd quel bonheur mais j espere qu un jour je pourrais les voir sur scene