Saturday, July 24, 2010

NEWS of my kitten Tom

Tom is very very happy to live in our house. It found a new mom, with Lova. Watch this video. They are so cute.

Tom and Lova are every morning very hungry (too early)!!!

Tom plays all the time.

Tom sleeps every night on my bed with Bill, my dog! Of course! I know girls, I am very lucky! Bill and Tom in my bed every night!!!

I have finally just found a family which is going to look after my 3 pets during my next holidays. I leave with Julie on July 30th until August 10th. I am going to leave quiet.


  1. trop mignon le petit TOM ; si je pouvais etre sure que ma mattoune soit aussi maternelle que LOVA j adopterais bien un chaton

  2. trop mignons les 2 :-)
    la mienne me fait aussi un sacré concert le matin, je lui donne pas son thon assez vite :-)