Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jogging in the wood with Humanoid Live in my ears

I run every Sunday morning in the wood of Vincennes, when I am at home. I run by listening to the CD Humanoid ( German version)
This morning, I ran with the CD Humanoid Live. So good! A little longer! I stopped on " Forever now ".
There are songs really great to run, as " Break away", " Hey you ", "Ready set go", " dogs unleashed " " Alien ".

I run with the rhythm of the songs, and with the T-shirt of the tour! It's better!

What is funny, it is that I have the images of the show in my mind, but especially the movements of Bill. I hesitated on Alien to dance as him. But I didn’t dare. I shall not run alone, but with friends, I think that I would dance as him by running. That could be funny!

Bill at 1min30 and 2min40 ! I adore !


  1. Ouah, quel super look de joggeuse, j'adore !!!!!!!!
    TH à fond dans les oreilles, çà nous donne des ailes :-)
    j'irais bien courir avec toi Marie mais çà fait un peu loin chaque dimanche :-)
    Gros küss Marie

  2. Je sais Manue. j'aimerais qu'on puisse courir ensemble. Mais c'est vrai que ça fait un peu loin! Dommage! Je n'ai pas beaucoup de volontaires autour de moi.
    Bisous à toi Manue!