Thursday, April 7, 2016

week under pressure ...

I stressed all week for the reception of my Coachella pass (my wristbands) . Finally yesterday I asked the sender to send my pass to my hotel in Los Angeles. So my wristbands are waiting for me at my hotel ... I'll be in LA next tuesday before to go to Palm Springs 14, April ... Wahou I can't wait .. 


And big stress of the day .. 

I fought all afternoon and evening, at work, in my car, and tonight at home to get tickets for BILLY Private Listening Session in Paris. The site didn't work .. And finally,
after more than 50 attempts, I got my ticket for Paris .. and as I was nervous, I took a second ticket for Milan .. my 2nd city .. I need to sleep now .. with a huge smile ....


  1. Congratulations! It will be a wonderful experience)

  2. Super pour ces 2 évènements...gros kuss ma Marie ;-)

  3. Thank You Tatjana .. Yes .. I can't wait .. I'm so excited .

  4. Merci ma Manue .. je vais enfin réaliser un de mes grands rêves depuis toujours .. Coachella ..
    Et contente de retrouver Bill .. même si c'est Billy ..