Wednesday, April 20, 2016

About Coachella ...

I wanted absolutely see this festival 1 time .. But I felt so good in this festival of art, fashion and music I'm ready for next year.
 I won't do next year the same mistakes of this year. I'll stay in Indio, not in Palm Springs. So I'll can extend my Coachella nights ... 

I won't book a flight on Monday after Coachella .. rather on Tuesday.
I will walk more easily in the huge Coachella park. And I'll find my friends who drink beer..... 
 I'll get a ticket for Neon Carnival ...

.. to Tokio Hotel Fans (on my facebook) 
fans : did you see the twins ?
me : yes .. I saw them several times ..
fans :  have you got a picture with them?
me : No 
fans : why ? 
Me :  I have so many pictures with them and I don't like to bother them when they are in private.
Maybe it's  a stupid behavior .. but it's mine.. And I can't do differently ... 
 I was next to Theo Hutchcraft of the band "The Hurts" when Tom K. came to say "hi" to Thomas Hayo ..
I could have just told him "hi" .. But I didn't ..
I just talked with Theo about the British band who was performing on stage at the same time ..
Yet I would have loved to take Bill into my arms ..
See you next year Coachella .. for sure ... 

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