Thursday, April 28, 2016

disgusted ...

I had a very busy day at work today .. I was not on internet ..
And tonight I discovered that all songs of the Billy EP are broadcast on internet .. I would have liked that the listening sessions are really in preview...

I'm so disappointed ... No respect for the  work of Billy and co .. 

Une photo publiée par Shiro Gutzie (@shirogutzie) le


  1. The songs laked by mistake of someone from Billy's staff. When someone was uploading the songs to Itunes, Spotify and so on all the songs were available for the purchase not just a preview and some people did buy it. I guess this person is fired now.

  2. Ok Thank you .. I have not listened to the songs.I'll listen to them for the first time in Paris during the listening session ... as expected.
    I just listened today LDBM with this wondeful video ... Great art music work ..

    1. Have a wonderful time at Billy's events!

    2. Thank You !! I can't wait ..