Saturday, April 16, 2016

Coachella ... Day 1

So beautiful festival , with great performances .. I saw mainly the performances on the big stage of Coachella, 2 on the stage "Outdoor Theatre" and just Christine and the Queens "on the Gobi stage.

I loved Foals, M83 feat Ellie Goulding. Christine was perfect with her "French dicotheque" as she announced her show .. 

I left before the end of LCD Soundsystem, last performance of the Coachella stage. I was too cold's very hot during the day , but the nights are cold.

It's a bit boring to be alone sometimes. But it's OK, there are so many performances. (My friends who had to come with me, I "hate" you. ... No . It's a  joke . I know drinking beer alone .. but drinking a toast alone. It's ridiculous .  :-)  Love U... )

( To Tokio Hotel fans and Billy fans: Stop your messages.  No I have not seen Bill. We are 25,000 people at Coachella. If I meet him, I'd be of course very happy. But it seems impossible)

Kiss and Love from Coachella - Marie

Une vidéo publiée par Marie (@mariebillk) le

Une vidéo publiée par Marie (@mariebillk) le

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  1. hello sister! so so beautiful and sun !!!!! ici il pleut et il fait 10 degrés quand même!!! Profite un maximum de tout!! Your little sister qui aimerait tant boire une bière avec toi !!! plein plein de bisous