Friday, November 30, 2012

Magnificent Alegria Show - Worry !!

I attended in the late afternoon with Julie and Paul the show 'Alegria' by 'Le Cirque Du Soleil' at Paris Bercy. I was amazed by this magnificent show. Paul and Julie loved this show too. We were fascinated. The acrobatics are amazing and the clowns so funny. I 'll go to see again " Le Cirque du Soleil " as soon as I 'll have the opportunity. 


 Worry !!

 Bill worries me a lot at the moment.  I have the feeling he 's sad and things aren’t going well for him. He is missing for long period on BTK application and when he posts photo or text, we feel a big sadness. I check BTK App day and night as soon as I can . I want to find him again, to feel his presence. I didn’t sleep really a lot last night. I can’t. I feel him sad and I feel so helpless to support him. I post comments on BTK App to support him, but I ‘m sure these comments are not read. I can’t bear that some things aren’t going well for him.
 I think of him non-stop. I ‘d like to see his beautiful smile soon.

I love you Baby !!

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  1. Il y a des périodes où l'on est plus ou moins mélancoliques, alors si Bill est triste en ce moment, pour des raisons qui lui sont propres, le coeur de ceux qui l'aiment sincèrement saigne aussi :'( Comment lui faire part de nos craintes..., lui prouver notre véritable attachement et lui certifier que nous serons toujours à ses côtés, comme le sont sa famille et ses vrais amis ? (Fabienne)