Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wrestling in Bercy yesterday evening. I hate wrestling!

I accompanied Paul and his friend Julien in Bercy yesterday evening to see Raw Live. I hate wrestling. But the 2 boys really liked the show. I filmed John Cena for Paul.
When John Cena arrived, I said to Paul: " but it's Gustav!! " Lol

During the break, I managed to have 2 great photos dedicated by John Cena on 20 available at the WWE shop with 100 copies only (Paris Bercy 60000 persons) . The boys said to me: " you are too good" and they were so happy .
32 concerts of Tokio Hotel! That helps! Great experience for the access to the first row.

I in Bercy, I go to see concerts. Not these big idiots! Paul was satisfied, it's the main part!

I hate really wrestling!

Paul prefers the American football today. Fortunately. I 'll take him one day in US to see his favorite team. Colts, Indianapolis.

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