Monday, September 13, 2010

Love Unleashed 2010

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Love Unleashed is a world-wide Tokio Hotel fan action for Bill & Tom Kaulitz's 21st birthday, organised by american fans. I participated in this project because I found it great! The fans gave 5000 dollars to the Valley Animal Center in honour of the birthday of Bill and Tom.
Here, the book for the twins. I bought one today.
My name appears in page 8.
My message for Bill and Tom in page 18.
My kitten Tom in page 23, Bill my dog and Tom my kitten in page 16, my cat LOva in page 41, Lova and Tom in page 52, Tom in page 59, and my son Paul with Bill(my dog) and Tom(my kitten) in page 60.
I'm so proud participating in this project. It is a success and a real human adventure.

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