Saturday, September 18, 2010

Richard Bohringer - Au théatre, L'Européen Paris

I went to the theater on Friday evening 18th september, to see the show of Richard Bohringer.

FR - RICHARD BOHRINGER du 09 septembre au 03 octobre 2010 (du jeudi au dimanche) Théâtre - Lecture "Traîne pas trop sous la pluie."...Un voyage.Un voyage au pays de sa mémoire, un move dédié à l’Afrique,aux amis, morts ou vivants, aux femmes, à l’alcool, aux errances.Tel un boxeur sur le ring, l’émotion à fleur de peau,il nous fait voyager de textes en textes,dans cette atmosphère que lui seul sait créer. Du jeudi au samedi 20h 30 et les dimanches à 17 h.

GB - RICHARD BOHRINGER from September 09th till October 03rd, 2010 (from Thursday till Sunday) Theater - Reading " Traîne pas trop sous la pluie "... A journey. A journey in the country of his memory, a move dedicated to Africa, to the friends, deaths or alive, to the women, to the alcohol, to the wanderings. Such a boxer on the boxing ring, the emotion on the surface of skin, he makes us travel from texts to texts, in this atmosphere which only he knows how to create. From Thursday till Saturday, 8p.m. 30 and Sundays at 5 pm.

Marie : "At once funny and moving. Nice exchanges with the public by speaking about the current events (in the way Bohringer), then he plunges into the reading of text, dealing with a subject which marked his life, great well written text, full of poetry, told with a lot of emotion. Then he returns towards the public for the discussion. In short, a real Bohringer from the beginning to the end. He is himself. I liked."

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