Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week-end at home

Finally a quiet weekend at home. A weekend going back to school. Paul went back to school Thursday, September 2nd to 6th in college. Julie began the final year in high school.
Well! A quiet weekend! Bill went to the groomer! Buy supplies for the school of Paul. I ran this morning in the Bois de Vincennes with Humanoid Live in the ears. I have not found abandoned cat. Well! A weekend of trivialities and it is already the end.
Tomorrow I work and I know I have a busy week. The holidays are over.
I want to organize an outing to Paris for the weekend with friends. It will motivate me! Have a great week!

Bill is so cute ! No ??

Tom, my kitten likes the car! (last weekend)

Tomorrow I work near Opera Garnier! I work near "la place de l'opéra" in Paris! I like this place.

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  1. Petit Tom trop mimi les 4 pattes en l'air,mais il est adorable,faut dire que moi et les chats,j'en suis gaga!chatgaga!!!