Thursday, August 19, 2010

Leaving the world

Aged thirteen, Jane makes a vow to herself and to her feuding parents - she will never marry, have children and lead the resentful life they chose. Years later, now a Harvard professor and living with Theo, a filmmaker, Jane falls unexpectedly pregnant. Resolved as she's been to childlessness, she begins to warm to the idea of motherhood, even with a partner who is increasingly absent. But a devastating turn of events takes the decision out of her hands in a way she could never have predicted. Her familiar world torn apart, Jane feels forced to leave her old life behind, and piece by piece begins to destroy the little that is left. She resigns from her job, cuts all ties with friends and family and moves to a place where no one will find her. Isolated, she feels she has finally succeeded in leaving her world. Yet when a young girl disappears, prompting a high-profile police investigation, Jane is drawn in. Convinced that the person at the heart of the case is much closer to her new community than anyone realises, she has to make a decision - stay hidden or bring to light a shocking truth.

I wanted to read this book. I read it during my journey towards Kuala Lumpur. I felt so close to the character, but for different reasons. But with this envy to leave the world.

When I read this book in Kuantan, bordering the south China sea, I wrote these words. It was August 07th, 2010.
Marie :" This feeling of living a forbidden romance and not really knowing why. But I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm just loving. "Leaving the world" so that this story is not any more forbidden or the worst is not any more. "

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