Saturday, August 21, 2010

Angry - my videos Tokio Hotel uploaded and used

I have just discovered on YouTube a channel which loaded some of my videos to reload them in the name of the channel. I have just lodged a complaint on YouTube for copyright. I am disgusted.

For example - my stolen video :

My video (I filmed this video in Hambourg for the concert of the Humanoid City Tour) on my channel.

5 videos were copied from my channel for this channel (Chaîne de TheTokioHotelFanzTV)! People respect nothing!
I think that in the future I' ll keep my videos for me.


  1. c'est tout simplement dégueulasse et inadmissible !!!
    te laisse pas faire Marie...

  2. Les 6 vidéos volées ont été supprimées par youtube. C'est idiot, mais je me sens mieux.