Wednesday, August 11, 2010

11th August - Back home

Back home this morning at about 7 am. It's cold in Paris and it's raining. It's depressing. I found my 3 pets this afternoon. They were happy to come back home. My kitten Tom increased.
Don't look at my face on the photos. I didn't sleep for 30 hours. And I work tomorrow.

My kitten Tom!

My dog Bill

My cat Lova

My son Paul misses me. It's his birthday tomorrow. He will be 11 years old. He will not be with me once again this August 12th. It's nevertheless the date which so binds us all 2.


  1. bon courage Marie pour la reprise.
    tu me raconteras ton périple :-)
    je t'app la semaine prochaine ok ??

  2. OH oui! Pas de pb Manue. Très envie de t'avoir au téléphone. Gros bisous à toi, à la petite Jeanne et à Thierry.