Friday, November 28, 2014

Relooking of my site ... and ...

I redesigned my website .. Kings Of Suburbia decor .. ... Satisfied ..


Feel it All - The club experience 
World Tour 2015 

 I'm ready for that ..
I can be free in March 2015 .. Free for The Life in The Club Experience ..


  1. Great work on the site! As a musician, having your own website is pretty much a requirement these days, and that would be an understatement even for conventional businesses. Wishing you success in your future endeavors. Cheers!

    Nathanial Thorton @ VDB Ventures

  2. This is good. Your site sells the club spirit and the strong, singular vision of what you intend to bring to club music. I would love to check out all the music that you've got for yourself as well as for all the music-loving people worldwide. Cheers!

    Pete Summers @ Elite Market Links