Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In love forever ....

The first thing I did this morning when I woke up, it was to read the text written by Bill about love.

More I made a progress in reading the text, the more I said to myself ... "I am completely in harmony with him .."

He believes in love    … me too ...
He is single .... me too
He had a broken heart .... me too
He hates labels ... me too

 The only difference is that I'm in love with him ...

I know this feeling will kill me. But I can not control anything.
I immediately knew in 2007 that this feeling would lose me ..
That's why I wanted to find the error in this story .. The error that says, "you're wrong .. Forget this .."

Today, I still have not found the error. And I stopped looking.
The more I was looking the error, the more my love for Bill grew ..

And this text of Bill about love tells to me that there are no errors.

I am condemned to love this boy forever.

I would love to be this person who changes the Bill's life forever ...

Bill Kaulitz : " My only advice is: Love who you want to love and love who loves you back. Life is way too short."

"You" is Bill ...

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