Sunday, May 5, 2013

Photos of the weekend ... Köln !!

For the 2nd time, I attended on Saturday evening a German TV show, Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar in Premium customer. It was the semi-final. I was thus in the public in the 3rd row behind the jury.

Once again, I really looked at the back of the judges, finally especially those of Bill and Tom, and in particular Bill's back

But I had fun yesterday to look at their feet. I wanted to know which judge beating time with his feet. 
The result : 
               Bill : All the time 
               Dieter : often 
               Tom : occasionally
               Mateo : never 

 And Bill sometimes with 2 feet..

 Anecdote that made me smile a lot.
 As I looked at the feet of the judges, the right foot twins began together to beat time at the same time (inspired by the music at the same time) and in exactly the same movement.
 It lasted a while, then the foot of Tom stopped.
The foot of Bill continued. Bill was beating all the time with his feet. I felt him so in every song. Fully invested.

 Bill perfectionist in everything he does ... J'adoooore !

The number 1 photo of the weekend ... For me ..

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