Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A family day ♥

We were all together this afternoon by the side of my mom, in her center alzeihmer in Nancy. My sister, my brother, my father and me. And my Mom of course .. 
We had a good time.... 
The most difficult time is the one where we had to leave. My mom wanted to come with us. It'is a very hard moment. 
 I hate this disease. I'd like this disease disappears and my mom comes back home as before...

Actually, I'm in the family house with my father and ...
Pepsi - 01 May 2013 - Soon 1 year old

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  1. Terrible maladie, comme tant d'autres, qui t'isole et te déconnecte de la réalité et contre laquelle il est bien difficile de lutter :-( Courage à toi et à ta famille car ça ne doit pas être évident en effet... (Fabienne)