Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday off ...

Today, it was Whit Monday, a day off . And a rainy day in Paris.
I made progress a lot about my work of this moment.  Actually I dedicate my free time with this work I love . 

I work on my site every day. I update the photo gallery with the last photos. I'm very late.
And I continue the writing of Bill's biography. I want everything is ready before the release of the next album.

 All these photos to upload into the gallery of my site ..Oups .. (I can do it !!)

Writing of Bill's biography... I love this work !!   (In french for the moment.. )


 And the facebook page of my site ... What ? 23 483 "I like" ?  .. 483 .. I know it's stupid but I like too. :-)


 Tomorrow is another day off for me. But I have to go to the dental surgeon for the extraction of a tooth and then the placing of a dental implant. I don't like that ... (Antibiotics and cortisone from today...)

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  1. Patience et longueur de temps... vont te conduire au chef-d'oeuvre ! Heureusement que les passions motivent... :-) Non ce n'est pas stupide d'aimer le nombre 483... En fait, tout nous ramène à TH irrémédiablement ! <3 Bon rétablissement suite à ton intervention chez le dentiste... Bisous. (Fabienne)