Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday topics!

 The facebook page of my site now has 14,200 "I like". Incredible progress.
Fans from around the world! I see this as a good way to promote the next album of Tokio Hotel.
And with pleasure I 'll do this promotion on this page and on my sites, with a very good position by M. Google ... I'm satisfied with the positioning in search engines.

 But I'm also aware that this good positioning has an important impact on the image of Bill Kaulitz. When I post an article about Bill, I think primarily of the impact it will have on the public, fans or no fans.
 I begin to feel a strength with my sites and pages to fight the lies, the malicious gossip which we find on Internet. 
I want a good image of Bill Kaulitz broadcasts on internet and I've surprised a lot of people with my site.
I feel that I need to finish the biography of Bill as soon as possible and I translate it in English .. I want time, more time .. I lack time.

 I'd like to work on this site all day to make it perfect. I mean . I want more time for that .. 


DSDS Semifinal

 To follow upon my article of yesterday on the semi-final of DSDS which I attended last Saturday evening, I wanted to speak about candidates. 
Ricardo Bielecki was eliminated. I didn't understand why. This guy has the best live from the beginning. Always good. 
 I hope he 'll have a beautiful career in the music, he really deserves it and he looks so nice.
 I thought the final would be Ricardo - Susan. And Susan was eliminated last week. I didn't understand either. At the beginning of DSDS, my favorite candidate was Susan, and since the liveshow, Ricardo, who had the best live

 New Hairstyle project ..
I wanted to change hairstyle. But I have to wait that my hair grows a little.

At least 4 months. It's long.. I know exactly what I want .. 
By dint of speaking about Bill, I have the same desires.:-)

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