Saturday, December 29, 2012

working on the redesign of my site !!

I'm working at this time on the redesign of my site ! His talent, his beauty, his state of mind, his ambiguity, his complexity, his personality, his uniqueness, his eyes ... make me so much inspired! There are so few people like him in this world.

 And his wonderful smile !! 

Working on the lyrics, I watched my videos concerts.Wahou! What memories! I also opened my Tokio Hotel CDs to look the booklets! And look what I found! My most precious dedication. This one of Bill on the Lyric of my favorite song "Totgeliebt"! For me, this dedication is a symbol! It means the beginning of a great passion!

I immerse myself in the fantasy world of Bill Kaulitz again! Tschüss !!

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  1. Bill est unique... C'est l'Etre parfait ! Bon voyage dans son monde fantastique Marie <3 Bisous. (Fabienne)