Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sad Day !!

"Yesterday our little Dachshund girl passed away in a terrible way and with her a part of us ..." . Here the words of Bill and Tom, that I read this morning on the application BTK twins when I arrived at my work.
I felt immediately the pain of Bill. He so loved this little dog whom he called My Little Girl. 
I also understood his sadness of these last days and the meaning of this candle he had posted the day before. 

I wanted to write something, but the words didn't come. I didn't know how to express to the twins my support. I so felt their big grief . 
I looked at the photo of Little Girl with her ​​sweet eyes for several minutes. And my tears flowed down.
I thought of Bill and in my mind I didn't stop repeating: " Mon Pauvre Ange! Mon Pauvre Poussin!" ("My Poor Angel! My Poor Chick! ")I told myself that all the day. And I finally found my words. But I feel so helpless in front of the sadness of Bill and Tom.

Rest In Peace Little Girl !
Don't worry I 'll watch over your Master, as I do for many years. And I also know that you, where you are, you continue to watch over him.

 The little flame went out!!

Why, a few days ago I thought of Little Girl and I wondered if she had finally well recovered of her wounds caused by this coyote.a few months ago.

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  1. Ta phrase est très émouvante Marie et je te reconnais bien là. Quelle tristesse pour eux, et Bill en particulier, surtout à l'approche de Noel... Je suis toute bouleversée aussi depuis que j'ai appris la mauvaise nouvelle, d'autant que sa pauvre "petite fille" est partie dans la souffrance apparemment :'( Mes pensées, comme celles de tous les Aliens, vont vers les jumeaux avec beaucoup de tendresse et d'affection. (Fabienne)