Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with my family !!

I spent Christmas with my family in the east of France. A very good time !! I visited my mother in the Alzheimer Center in Nancy. 
I cooked apple pies. Everybody liked! My mom too! I was proud of my apple pies !! 

My father , Julie and me !! I like this pic ! Even if my father seems strange on this photo! 

I cooked today "Bouchées à la Reine" typically French dish. Very good! Everybody liked !! 

 I return to Paris tomorrow. I work Thursday, December 27. I hope everybody had a nice Christmas . 

It's me today !! 


  1. Miam ! Marie et ses nombreux talents... On ne les compte plus !! Jolies photos :-) Bisous. (Fabienne)