Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tired and sad! Need to escape!

Tired because of too much work, Non-stop for 2 weeks. I notice with exchanges on facebook that I don't really manage to find my place in the world of the fans of Tokio Hotel. Apart with the members of my forum, there is really no possible discussion with most of the others. I feel very alone tonight. I only want to go to join this TH tour in South America. I only want to see the boys. I only want to see Bill! He's so beautiful on this pic. And his eyes .... !!!

Bill and Tom are already on my bed. I believe that I am going to go to join them.


  1. courage Marie, un p'tit coup de "hurricanes and suns " à donf et c'est reparti...
    j'aime beaucoup aussi cette chanson, très punchy...
    allez, dans 15 j, tu verras les gars :-)

  2. courage Marie; je suis egalement fan des TH ils sont mes rayons de soleil et leur musique est un plaisir à ecouter toute la journée