Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I changed my perfume today - Finally almost!

For more than 6 years I wear Amor Amor of Cacharel. I like very much this perfume and I am someone very faithful to my passions. I don't like everything, but when I like(or love), I like very much and for a very long time.
I can love somebody for the life if the person doesn't disappoint me. I am very faithful and very present for those who I love.
But today, while I was at work, I suddenly wanted to go to buy another perfume. And I went to Sephora Opera.
I smelt at least 25 perfumes, to choose finally between 2 : "Amour of Kenzo" and "Amor Amor Tentation of Cacharel". I splashed an arm with one and the other arm with the other one. And I chose "Amor Amor Tentation of Cacharel". Cacharel is definitively my official perfumer.

I returned to my work, happy! My colleagues, them, not satisfied at all, because I smelt intensely the perfume, obviously. Other satisfaction for me! Lol
I have a hectic life! Don't you find? I just have a lot of work at the moment. I work the next weekend. I just need small break as to go to buy me a perfume in the afternoon.
I fly away on December 12th to Tokyo. I really eager to go to Japan.


  1. Amor Amor, j'ai déjà essayé, çà sent bon...
    prévois des pince-nez pour tes collègues la prochaine fois :-)
    küss Marie

  2. OUi Manue! En même temps ça m'a fait plaisir de les embêter un peu. Bisous Manue