Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My job

I really have a lot of work at this moment. I didn’t take holidays since August 12th, after my return from Singapore.
I work in a bank, in a banking IT domain. I am in charge of IT projects in my bank. And I have to manage the IT implementation of applications for the bank.
I have an implementation planned for the weekend of November 20th. At the moment, I organize the training for the future users.
What I like in my job, it is that I move all the time. I rarely sit to my desk a whole day. Furthermore I can manage my time rather freely. I have to make my work for a date but I organize it as I want.
But I would like to have time at the moment, 2 am a day, to settle me down in « le café de Flore » or in « Les 2 Magots » , to write Bill's biography. It’s a little bit difficult. That will be possible at the end of the month.
I wait in any case for my next holidays in December. I have just reserved the flight and the hotel. I am so eagier to leaving far .
But for the moment, at work!
Every day, I see this beautiful place with an americano (Coffee)!

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