Sunday, November 28, 2010

I like the energy of Tokio Hotel on stage

I like seeing Tokio Hotel on stage because these boys give off an incredible energy. We feel in their concerts that they really want to give to their public. It is very clear.
In my videos of Singapore, we can indeed see this energy given off by Bill and Tom. I was in the first row in front of Tom. I did not see good Gustav and Georg. But we can indeed see the expression of the faces of Bill and Tom. I do not really know how I managed to film, with this heat. My hands were wet. The boys were soaked of sweat. But they were really very good.


  1. Pffffffffffff, à regarder tes vidéos, je me dis que je veux un conceeeeeeeeeeeeert !!!!!!!
    je crois que je vais devoir attendre un peu pour çà :-)
    Küss Marie

  2. Manue! Prochain concert en Allemagne , je te prend à l'aéroport de Orly et hop direction Germany!

  3. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!