Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My dog Bill in the veterinary clinic for 1 week

I accompanied my dog this morning to the veterinary clinic. It was operated this morning on 2 rear paws for a problem of kneecap. The operation took place well. The veterinarian called me in the afternoon to reassure me that everything was well. It will leave the clinic in a 1 week. We can visit it every day from tomorrow.
It was hard this morning for me to leave my dog.

My story with this small dog which I called Bill.

In the beginning of January, 2009, I promised to my children a cat. One Saturday of January, we visited some store of animals in Paris. We finished the evening by the store Animalis in the village of Bercy. No cat on sale. We then looked at puppies. In a cage, There were 2 youngs blacks Yorkshire and 1 Spitz. I was fascinated at once by the small male Yorkshire, which played with a small red ball. It jumped on the spot, it moved all the time and I found it so cute. I said then to my daughter: " if I had this small dog, I would call it Bill! ". It had a lot of energy this small dog and probably that at this moment, another Bill missed me far too much. Then we return at home.
To summarize this story, the small York, called Bill was in my house a few days later. An incredible very favorite. As soon as I took it in my arms in the store next Monday, I knew that I would not leave it any more.

AND this evening this small dog misses me terribly! 1 week, it’s short. I hope and I hope that it does not suffer too much.

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