Monday, May 24, 2010

Come back from my big weekend (Düsseldorf and Liège)

I have just come back from my weekend. I went to Düsseldorf in Germany on Friday morning. In the evening, I attended the ceremony of Viva Comets on 2010 to Oberhausen. I wanted to be there to support and see my favorite group.
I did not really know the other nominated and present German artists. I was so happy to see 4 boys. They so missed me. I nevertheless attended 15 of their concerts this year.
Well, the twins miss me a lot and one of 2 twins misses me terribly.
They won the comet in the category "Best Live Act". I was really satisfied, because I voted every day for them. Here is a photo of their victory.

Bill's photo on the pink carpet. Just magnificent! This boy is really talented to get dressed! "No dissonance"! "No dissonance" everywhere moreover!

And this video that I filmed during the ceremony!! I like this video! I love them so much these twins. I like their complicity. Bill has a big room in my heart! But Tom is so sweet and so attractive. I find that Tom has a magnificent smile.

I left Düsseldorf on Saturday in the afternoon, with difficulty. But I have join a small village in the South of Liège to find Nathalie, my best friend (my ex- sister in law) whom I had not seen for more than a year. Our reunion was very moving. I say me today, she missed me. Nathalie left France to live the love in Belgium. (What a great idea)
Nathalie knows everything of me, secrets which I need to share with somebody, somebody who listens to, who advises but does not judge and somebody who understands. I trust her. And I know everything of her. Nathalie and Alain made me discover a local Belgian beer " La Chouffe ". Very good, but (8 ° in alcohol). OUps !!


  1. La Chouffe, Thierry l'aime bien aussi celle-là, de toute façon il aime toutes les bières, comme çà c'est pas compliqué :-)
    très important d'avoir une personne qui lit en toi comme dans un livre ouvert...
    bravo encore à nos 4 chouchous...
    Küss Marie...

  2. Ah ça ne m'étonne pas de Thierry! Si ça vous tente un jour Manue, on pourra allez voir mes amis sur Lièges! Ils ont un gîte très sympa qu'ils louent, avec prix amis intéressant. ET en plus, la brasserie "La chouffe" n'est pas loin. Je sens que Thierry est motivé. Mais pourquoi pas. La campagne Belge est superbe. Le pays des comtes de fées! Un rassemblement à Liège. Bon je sais ce n'est pas très central, mais avec un concert vers Düsseldorf, Essen .., ça pourrait se faire! Ce n'est vraiment pas loin. Une escale à Bruxelles, chez Mab! Bon je délire là! Kuss Manue!

  3. et pourquoi pas ??? si l'occasion se présente, ce serait sympa :-) Küss.