Saturday, April 8, 2017

nostalgic ..

I feel so nostalgic. I miss so much the Tokio Hotel Dream Machine tour. I miss the guys of Tokio Hotel ....
And Bill .. I have no words to express my feelings 💗.. 10 years .. and today I am unable to turn over a new leaf .. 

Hamburg - 15.03.2017

I was able to give to Bill and Tom in Zurich the trophies I received for them. Finally ..

I also gave to them in Zurich the beanies I knitted for them. 1 for Gustav's baby and 2 beanies for Bill .. 


I did not still get my professional photo of Zurich.   Waiting for it .. It is surprising. Treehouse answered me and asked me for my selfie and for further information.I answer them .. Then nothing more. I feel they don't have my picture. I hope to get it .. 

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