Sunday, February 12, 2017

.. looking for something new ..

I love the new video of Tokio Hotel .. "Something New" ... 
It was essential that Bill appear alone in the video looking for something new in the desert.
The pictures are beautiful. The brightness is perfect.
The meaning is not so obvious. Obviously, we see a person, lost, on the edge of the abyss, looking for something new, for someone new, for a new life .. 
But the furtive images of a woman's naked body, a shot of a woman's sex hidden by sand,  bring many questions. .. back to the origins ? .. A desire to return to the maternal cocoon. ? .. in the heart of the earth ? 

I never really liked the video "Automatisch" of Tokio Hotel (video of 2009) .. 
But this one "Something New" speaks to me .. I love .. 💓
I can't wait to hear the guys talking about this video... Next month .. exactly .. 12th March .. 

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