Sunday, May 22, 2016

.. time to change my job ..

I had to change my job in the bank where I work. I had to join a team of coaches , lean management team . But the project was stopped. I have to find another job in my bank group .. 
I really want to join the international retail banking of the group. . I need to go ... anywhere in the world .. 
Or .. why not .. leaving the bank to another world ..
I am an IT project manager .. with 10 years experience mastery of work and 10 years of experience in project owner. 
I am graduated from the University of Nancy 1. I have a Diploma in IT Higher Specialized Studies, equivalent engineer. I can work in all areas.
I need change ... 

For fun on facebook, I answered the quiz: "Where will you work in 5 years?" The result, after analyzing my profile. The result is in French. But my job , in 5 years is "handywoman of Billy" .. Is it a job ? Probably .. The best one .. 

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