Saturday, May 7, 2016

BILLY exhibition in Paris - VIP Room

I had a great time yesterday afternoon at the VIP Room in Paris for the listening session of the EP of BILLY.
A great atmosphere in a nightclub in the afternoon .. I love .. 

I was disappointed not to see the photo gallery. But I'll see it in Milan ... We were in a nightclub and the photos gallery couldn't be installed. 
Bill(ly) was so exceptionnal ..He was so nice, sweet but at the same time so involved, so happy to share his solo project. I love this unique person forever .. 

The Q&A was great too, good questions and Billy was in the middle of us on a spinning platform. 
I listened to the songs of the EP for the first time ..At the first listening I love all the songs except the first I heard ... because this song isn't really my style. Maybe I need several listenings ... 

I'm now ready for Milan ... 

 my best time .. 

Une photo publiée par Marie (@mariebillk) le

The book is really beautiful with so many art photos .. I love it ... 

And we received some cards with the photos of the book .. 

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