Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Billy .. Milan ..

I hesitated before sharing my photos of my meetings with Billy in Milan. Not because the pictures were bad .. But because they strongly emit emotion that came over me every time I met Bill ..The looks, the eyes, the smiles often speak louder than words. But these pictures are so personal ... So I have shared as photomontage  ..

But I wanted to share my feelings in my meetings with Billy .. I have so much love for this boy that every meeting I'm in too intense emotional state. Words, sentences don't come out. Then I feel silly for not having managed to talk to him really. 
But these meetings last less than a minute. My emotion does not have time to calm down to release my words.
And yet I have so much to say to him, a lot of things that have accumulated over the year.

Then everything goes through the look, and touch and yet remains so intense ..

I waited two hours outside, before entering the signing session, because I had the number 183. 2 hours in the middle of the fans but 2 hours alone ... My German, Belgian and French "friends" were already went to see Billy with lower numbers to 100.

 I often feel quite alone in this world before, in whichthe I don't find myself.
 I place my trust in only 3 people.( 2  french and 1 belgian )

Including 2 hours waiting someone called my Italian number... and finally ... "cento ottanta tre."
I joined a group of 10 people. We start to pre-order the book (there is none left.).

We deposit our bags. I did everything very quickly because I wanted to go to change my clothes before going to the private listening session.
And I'm the first to wait to meet Billy.
When he turned away to greet the next person, he has already met over 180 people. I feel a certain weariness in his movements.
Then he sees me. His smile lights up. His hands shake to greet me. His person seems fully revived.What a wonderful welcome !!

He seemed so happy to see me that I thought it was a good thing to get the position 183... a good thing for Billy .. 

" Always in my mind .. Forever in my heart .. "

The return to everyday life is even more difficult than usual .. When I look at these pictures, full of sincerity, my eyes are blurred immediately ..

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