Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nostalgic ...

I feel so empty tonight ... In full post tour depression... I miss Bill more than ever ..
 I wanted tonight to write a post about Las Vegas, but my mood is not there .... 

When I think of Vegas, I have in mind the image of Bill, coming towards me at the after Party opening his arms to me ..
I'll never forget that moment of pure affection with the one who took my heart for over 8 years... I remember the softness of her cheek to mine...  the soft heat of this contact.. I wished the time stops ..

I know for 8 years that this feeling will kill me ..  because it should not exist ..I hope this feeling will kill me as late as possible ..

 Sorry .. I needed to write my mood tonight. My Vegas story is written in French on my notebook ..Soon here in English ..

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