Thursday, August 6, 2015

Last Show - Last Day .. in USA

Time to go home ... I have a flight to Paris in the evening ..

My last show last night in Chicago was really great .. I did not record .. I wanted to enjoy this show .. I was at the back of the room .. It's best to dance and drink and have fun .. :-) 

 The venue was so beautiful and a show with a great atmosphere .. It's great for the group, because there were not many European fans, but many Americans .. 

The Venue (with Bill .. Credit Photo - Tokio Hotel Instagram)

Bill Kaulitz at House Of Blues - Chicago 

And my last Selfie ... :

I think I made an appointment with the boys in Russia on next October ... Oups .. ;-)

They are so sweet .. I want to see them AGAIN .... 

I'll tell here when I'll be back in Paris, my adventures in the US on the road of the Feel It All Tour of Tokio Hotel .... And especially this crazy night in Vegas ... Vegas , the city where we don't sleep .. 

See You Soon at home ... Paris ..

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